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30 January 2010 @ 07:55 pm
I never update anymore.  
Cayley's not going to Loyola next year and that's really bumming me out.

I really love this semester.

Human Origins is my favourite class. And I have a total girl crush on my professor.

American Pluralism is great. The professor is young and funny and super attractive, too, so that's a plus. For our project, I'm working with Maddy Fuller and these two other guys, and we're doing Evolution of American Music and Film since the 20th Century. I'm really excited.

Christianity Through Time is boring. The professor isn't as attractive as the internet said he was. Erin and Michelle are in that class, so that's fun.

I greatly dislike Intro to Cultural Anthropology. The kid who sits next to me licks the palms of his hands and it's really disgusting and awkward.

Writing Systems of the World is up and down. On one hand, it's fun. On the other, I dislike it for not being serious.

Evolution and Genetics is pretty cool. I've only had it once so far, but I liked the first class.

Kyle is in town visiting Michelle, so Cayley and Katie stayed the night in my dorm last night. They probably will again tonight. Kyle seems nice/fun.

I keep trying to dye my hair back to brown, but my hair isn't taking the dye.

Michelle, Katie, and I are living together next year. I'm going to miss Cayley.

I had a job interview on Thursday. It was for a FWS job on campus as a telecounselor. I REALLY hope I get it.
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