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18 February 2010 @ 11:34 pm
Oh ha ha  
Man oh man.
I used to update this alll the time, but now I update it once every few weeks at best.

I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.

I've become a bigggg Star Trek fan. I'm not worthy of calling myself a Trekker yet, though.

I cut my bangs and I don't like them.

I have an interview with the Phonathon on Sunday. I fucking need this job.

I reallyyyy want to see A Day To Remember on April 19. I hope Frankie will go with me.

I've been digging science a lot lately.

Classes are meh.

Cultural Anthro: Kill me. Please. Torture would be preferable. I would enjoy it much more than I enjoy that class. I'm only taking it because 1) if I decide to take a second major in anthro (which I think I am), then it's a requirement, and 2) if I decide not to, then it fulfills part of my societal core requirement.

Christianity Through Time: Again, kill me. I feel like everything we've done so far was stuff I did in Theology of Faith last semester. At least this is my last theology class. Ever. And I have Michelle and Erin in there, so that's nice. Plus, I spend 75 minutes doing anything and everything except for paying attention, yet I still got an A on the first quiz. So, I think I'm good.

Writing Systems of the World: I took this because 1) it sounded interesting, and 2) I wanted to take a higher level anthro class to see more of it than just 101 and 102 before deciding. However, this class is pretty much a blow-off. It's once a week, so attendance is mandatory. But the homework is credit or no credit based on whether it's done or not. The classes are easy, but insanely long. I'm the only student in there who didn't jizz when we went over Japanese kanji and katakana. One class session is going to be us doing Japanese calligraphy, another is a scavenger hunt at the museum, and the last day of class is paper making. Boring. I'm worried about my term paper, though. I really want to do it on the Voynich Manuscript, but I don't think I can write ten pages on it using only academically acclaimed sources.

American Pluralism: This is definitely one of my favourite courses. Plus, the professor is really attractive. And funny. And has Jerry Seinfeld's voice, lol. He just gave us the midterm review and I'm shitting myself. I guess I should have done the readings. Oh well. I know what I'll be doing this weekend. For the group project, I'm working with Maddy, Zaid, and Imtiaz. We're doing The Evolution of Film and Music. I'm focusing on music in film, so that's exciting. Our presentation is going to kick major ass.

Evolution and Genetics: Long, long, long. The professor is upbeat, at least. I'm the only freshman in that class, yet I feel like the know-it-all, which is weird. Especially since I always struggled with science in high school. I really, really, really like this class, though. I just wish it wasn't from 7-9:30.

Human Origins: This is my favourite class. I have absolutely fallen in love with biological anthropology. It's one of those classes where you sit down, then the first time you look at the clock you realize that there are only five minutes remaining. I wish it was longer and more frequent.

I decided to stop eating meat for the duration of February.
I like it.
After February, I think I'm going to limit myself to meat a few times a week.
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